Major Changes in Estonian Trademark Act

On April 1, 2019 important amendments to the Estonian Trademark Act come into force, and EU Directive 2015/2436 shall be transposed into Estonian law. The main impact of such changes on trademark owners and applicants shall be greater responsibility for attending to one's rights on one side, and more fluent procedures on the other. 
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Photos of Sven Začek at Ustervall web 

There are two photos from Sven Začek at our website:
The photo "Before Morning" ("Enne hommikut") depicting the central crossroad of our home town Tartu, and "Nikon fan" ("Nikonifänn") Great Grey Owl
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Ustervall 25

25th birthday of Ustervall
Patent agency Ustervall was established on 24 January 1994.  What were the developments at that time in Estonia? Estonian independence was restored and the Estonian Patent Office was re-established on 1991. The first two laws on intellectual property, the Copyright Act and the Trademarks Act were enforced on 1992, and the Patents Act on 1994. Thus, it was right time to start our own patent agency, called Ustervall.
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