Intellectual property webinar conducted by Ustervall

On 27 May 2020 Sirje Kahu and Kadri Aua from Patent Bureau Ustervall conducted an intellectual property webinar in cooperation with the ADAPTER cooperation network of Estonian universities and research institutions.  

At the intellectual property webinar Sirje Kahu, European Patent Attorney and EU Trademark Attorney, and Kadri Aua, EU Trademark Attorney, of Patent Bureau Ustervall shared to the entrepreneurs  practical information on what can be protected by intellectual property, what is the potential of intellectual property for the benefit of growth of a business and what are potential intellectual property risks, how to create more value by intellectual property, how to choose a strong trademark, and how to arrange one’s trademark portfolio considering the Brexit.

New partner of Ustervall
Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Ustervall at the webinar „Intellectual Property in Business“