Filing Requirements

  • Specification and claims in Estonian, drawings, abstract in Estonian and in English, information about the inventor and applicant
  • If the application materials were not filed in Estonian, the Estonian translation must be filed within 2 months
  • Priority document within 4 months from the filing date in Estonia

Representation before the Estonian Patent Office
A person with no residence, seat or commercial or industrial enterprise operating in Estonia must authorize a patent attorney as a representative before the Estonian Patent Office.

Examination, grant, renewal 

  • The Estonian Patent Office carries out substantive examination of the invention, examining the novelty of the invention (worldwide novelty), the inventive step and industrial applicability. 
  • No examination request is required. 
  • The average duration of the examination: 2.3 years. 
  • The patent application is published in 18 months from the filing date or priority date. 
  • The maximum term of validity of the patent: 20 years from the filing date. 
  • Renewal fee: paid for each year of validity.